A Media Server specifically designed for your Directv receiver.



Version 1.32 -- Code Signing Certificate Added
New Installer
Improved instructions for downgrading VLC if necessary


Version 1.31 -- Improved Support for new Genie
Fixes chipmonk sounding music on genie HR54/700
Improved support for movies with mp4a audio on Genie receivers


Version 1.30 -- Support for new Genie
Supports the new Genie mediaShare feature


Version 1.29 --- - Support for VLC 2.1.5.
Cleans up 'pulsing Video' problems with MPEG2 Video
New streaming Channels feature
Improved performance on all CPU's. TVShare will no longer take all CPU resources while transcoding
Better support for 'use All Available CPU's' feature


Version 1.28 --- - Can now Screencast video AND audio.
If you have a Windows 7 computer you can now see and hear anything you can
play on your desktop on your TV. Including copy protected media!


Version 1.27 --- - Better Fix for 'Bitrate Exceeded' message.
- Uses the MPEG4 Quantization matrix for improved picture quality
- Better buffering to prevent video stuttering
- ONLY supports VLC 2.1.3, Earlier versions do not have the necessary features.


Version 1.26 --- - Auto Downloading of updates
- Auto downloading of VLC
- In Memory Transcoding (Beta)
- Ability to disable sharing of computer screen.
- Fix for Music Audio on Genie Receivers.
- Flac files are now supported.
- Support for VLC 2.1.3


Version 1.25 --- - New feature for viewing the computer's screen on your TV
- Duplicate share names no longer allowed in 'Add My Media'
- Support for .ts files
- Fix for some videos with mp4a audio
- New music audio option for forcing MP3's if your receiver doesn't support the lossless format
- Support for VideoLan's VLC version 2.0.8
- Improved method for finding VLC
- Many new explanation screens for new users


Version 1.24 --- - Fix control drawing issue on media dialog
- Lower spooled data threshold for faster media startup
- Now appends a \ after media if you forget to
- Added Debug option for troubleshooting VLC issues
- Fix MP4 audio rendering
- New option for using all Detected CPU Cores
- Can now select audio Bitrate
- Can now select video Bitrate


Version 1.23 --- Increase Socket Size
- add 'wav' to supported types in iTunes
- Increase worker threads
- Removed LEN= from transcoded song descriptions
- added quotes around music transcode line.
- Removed bad object name from trial message
- Ignore case on browse meta data requests
- Remove BrowseMetaData support from Content.xml
- Fixed a problem with multiple requests coming in at once (totalmatches variable shared)
- Fixed a problem where a bad track number in a file would cause a 'There are no files in this folder' error message.
- Select a directory now says 'select a music/movie/picture directory' instead of always saying 'select a music directory'
- You can now reverse sort your media by date or alpha.
- Now Selects a better audio format if it sees a format that cannot be converted
. - Improved buffering method.
- Fix for Jre7 V 21 and Jre 6 v 45 which prevented VLC from running correctly.


Version 1.22 --- Fix for iTunes sharing if you have a song in your iTunes library that doesn't actually exist.
- You can now select to have your files listed alphabetically or by date.
- Support for VLC 2.0.5.


Version 1.21 --- Fix for hang on Exiftool when shutting down on some systems.
- New Audio options for Dolby Digital, Dolby Stereo and Stereo.
- Now checks to make sure that you haven't shared the same path twice.
- You can now filter all media.
- New option to upload media that doesn't work.
- Support for Subtitles.
- Improved support for finding VLC on 64 Bit systems.
- Now checks VLC version and recommends correct one if you don't have it.


Version 1.20 -- Fixes an issue with the frame rate on some european (PAL) movies.
Fixes an issue with audio problems on some movies, especially ISO's.


Version 1.19 -- Fixes an issue with Black and White JPG's causing an error when you try to view them.
Fixes an issue with ISO files not playing with the new VLC version.
Improves Network initialization and announcement.
Fixes an issue where playing some iTunes music with Windows XP would cause a mediashare crash.
Fixes an issue with registration when running in a virtual environment.
Adds the ability to have multiple Music/Movies/Pictures Folders.
Improves video quality for VLC 2.0.1 and higher.
Fixes Audio issues in some movie files.
Faster Movie Startup process.


Version 1.18 -- TVShare has just turned One Year old!
Fixes a problem where rotated pictures would cause an error when you tried to view them.
Runs best with Videolan's new VLC version 2.0.2 - some framerate changes to prevent stutter with the new VLC version.


Version 1.17 -- Now supports Multiple Networks.
TVShare will now announce itself on all your networks and set up a server for each one found.
GUI Enhancements - The Save and Apply button is now only active if you have changed something.
TVShare now prompts you to install VLC if this is the first time you have ever installed it.