A Media Server specifically designed for your Directv receiver.

Got some media that just won't play properly?

A great fix for problems is rebooting your Directv receiver. I can't tell you how many times I've been working on a supposed problem and a simple reboot fixed it completely. I know it takes forever for your receiver to reboot but it really DOES solve a lot of problems.

If you still can't get a particular movie to play we want to hear from you. It is impossible for us to test on all different media types and it may be possible that we can get your media to play with just a couple of tweaks to the code. it would really help us out if you send us an E-Mail explaining the problem using our contact us page. We'll probably ask you to send us a small snippet of the file if you can -or- you can send us a link to download it - as long as it is legal for us to get it.

Got some media that doesn't show on the media list?

If your media just doesn't show when you try to list it on your receiver then it is probably not yet supported by TVShare. Use the contact us page to tell us and we'll try to include it in the next version for you.

Any other problems with the software?

If you have any other problems or issues feel free to use the contact us page. We can't fix a problem unless we know about it.

You can also check our user forums.