A media server specifically designed for your Directv receiver.

TVShare Download

Click HERE to download the trial. Please read about the free trial below

To use TVShare you will need to have your Directv receiver(s) hooked up to your home network. For more detailed instructions on how to do this click here.

TVShare can transcode your media. That means that it can convert your movies, pictures and audio to a format that your receiver can understand. To transcode video and audio you will need to install VideoLan's VLC product. TVShare will automatically download a supported version of VLC for you if you allow it.

If you choose not to install VLC you still can view most images and view mpeg2 movies and mp3 audio files. TVShare will use VLC only if you choose to install it.

The TVShare free trial is limited in three ways:

  • Every 5 pictures it displays it will ask you to register it.
  • Every 5 Songs it plays it will ask you to register it.
  • Movies will stop playing after 15 minutes. You cannot Skip (Fast Forward) past the 15 minute mark.

Here at we respect your privacy. TVShare does not collect usage information, even anonymously. If you choose to register it, it will send a small (12 bytes) piece of information about your computer to us to assist in the registration process. TVShare contains no viruses, spyware or malware. It contains no adware -except the trial does advertise itself.

If you have already purchased a copy of TVShare it is Ok to download a new trial version. When you install it, it will automatically convert itself to a registered version and you will get all the new features at no extra cost.

The purchase price of TVShare is $14.95. To purchase it, simply install the Trial version and press the 'Buy' button on the main screen.
TVShare is designed for your Windows 10, Windows 8*, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer.
*If you have trouble installing it on Windows 8, see this link: Installing TVShare on Windows 8