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Author:  TVShareadmin [ Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum policies

What are the guidelines, rules, and policies for using TVShare forums?

To post in the TVShare forums, you must comply with the following guidelines, rules, and policies:

    * Use meaningful titles for each post.

    * No anonymous posts. Please use your first name.

    * Before posting, please check existing posts to verify that you will not create a duplicate topic.

    * Please do not send email or private messages to forum members to ask inappropriate questions.

    * For your safety, do not post personal information on the forums. This includes (but is not limited to) phone numbers and email addresses.

    * Make sure your post is relevant to the forum you want to post in.

    * No scams.

    * Self promotion is forbidden.

    * No personal attacks or other behavior which may offend.

    * No flaming. Please be courteous and use common manners.

    * Any and all spam will be rejected.

    * No advertisements of any kind, especially for competing products.

    * Users may not post under multiple names.

    * We encourage you to report any violations of these rules.

    * Comments and suggestions are welcome.

    * We realize that TVShare customers/users represent different ethnicities and may use primary languages other than English. Although we value and respect this diversity, our forum administrators/moderators are limited to writing and speaking English. We respectfully ask that members post only in English.

    * When a user registers for a forum account, an administrator or moderator must approve and activate the request before the account can be used. Please be patient as it may take some time for approval to occur since a moderator or administrator may not always be logged in.

    * Content which is offensive, inflammatory, spam, self-promoting or otherwise objectionable in nature is unacceptable in any publicly visible area of the bulletin board including user profiles, posts, and signatures.

    * When requesting a new account, please do not specify an email address as the user name. Also, please do not change your existing account's user name to an email address. This represents a privacy issue in that user names are publicly visible on the bulletin board. Spammers can easily harvest your email address in this case and use it to send spam. We want to do everything we can to protect the privacy of our customers and users.

How are the guidelines, rules, and policies enforced?

TVShare forums are moderated. As such, the moderators/administrators may at their discretion take any action deemed necessary to prevent misuse of these forums and address violations of rules and guidelines listed above. These actions may include deleting posts, editing posts to remove objectionable content, issuing warnings to offending users, banning users temporarily or permanently, deleting user accounts, and requiring posts to be approved before they are visible.

Are restrictions placed on posts for newly registered users?

Posts by new users require moderator approval before becoming publicly visible. Once moderators approve 3 posts for a newly registered user, that user may post without approval. Please be patient as it may take some time for approval to occur since a moderator may not always be logged in.

Do opinions expressed in these forums reflect those of TVShare?

TVShare assumes no responsibility for opinions stated in its forums because they represent those of the posters. We make every reasonable effort to quickly remove all illegal, offensive, and defamatory postings but we may accidentally miss one occasionally. Allowing any message to remain in public view does not imply TVShare agrees with or tolerates its contents.

Will users receive notification when these policies change?

TVShare forum administrators/moderators reserve the right to change any of these guidelines without advanced warning.

Author:  TVShareadmin [ Wed May 29, 2013 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum policies

Changes to the forum policies are recorded here. A reply will be added after this one every time an update occurs in the usage rules.

Author:  TVShareadmin [ Wed May 29, 2013 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum policies

Updated the forum guidelines/policies/rules as follows:

    * Moved item regarding administrator/moderator right to change rules at any time under its own question.

    * Added prohibition on using email addresses for account user names.

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